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Our services and pricing

Transparent pricing, always



From £1,500/month 

What's included:
  • Revenue process health check
  • Customer lifecycle & deal management
  • Training and enablement sessions
  • Systems integration check
  • Sales tool stack check


From £4,000/month

What's included:
  • All of Starter package
  • GTM & process audit
  • Quick wins & long-term projects identified
  • RevOps execution
  • Reskilling, training and enablement for team
  • Process documentation


Typically >£5,000/month

  • All of Scale package
  • Assistance in the interview process for leadership & GTM hires
  • Highly customisable requests

  • Quarterly GTM planning

All plans include

What to expect when working with us as your RevOps partner

  • Weekly updates

    You will want to show your investment in RevOps is worthwhile. We'll make sure to keep communication levels high and in your preferred method.

  • Transparency

    We'll always provide an honest account of what we find and always keep you appraised of our progress.

  • Quarterly reports

    Every quarter we'll present to you our progress, what we plan on achieving the next quarter and make sure we're both still happy with the agreement.

  • Constant HubSpot Review

    We can't solve everything all at once, but we'll keep a log of anything that we have identified can be solved in the future

  • Customer discount before revenue share

    Many software providers have affiliate and referral schemes. Before receiving a referral fee or revenue share, we attempt to negotiate a discount for you. If we both get something out of it, that's a win-win!

  • Enjoyment

    We love working with our clients, and will make sure you have a great experience whenever we speak.

Frequently asked questions

But I'm fine without RevOps?

You might be today. Have you thought about your team in 6, 12, 24 months?

Every GTM team is building operational debt, might feel fine now, but the time debt will need to be paid off sooner or later.

Why not just get someone full-time?

Finding quality RevOps talent is incredibly expensive, and often takes more than 3 months for above-average salaries.

The end goal of working with us is often hiring someone full-time, by then we've done a lot together!

Why should we use RevOps Consulting?

We're experiencing the journey, pains and successes you're having, at multiple startups, simultaneously.

We've also spent several years in sales teams before operations, so we have deep empathy for sales and marketing reps.

We also love HubSpot certifications and spend a lot of time in the Academy keeping up with best practices, as well as attending events.

Interested but not ready?

Our blog is a great place to read up on the latest RevOps developments, as well as follow some guides to assess if you're ready to begin working with us.